November 12,2019

Wisconsin State Governor Tony Evers
2 East Main Street
Madison, WI, 53703

Governor Tony Evers:

Field McConnell, a retired US Marine Corp fighter pilot and civil aviation pilot, was arrested by the Pierce County, Wisconsin Sheriff’s Office on Monday, 4 November 2019 in Plum City, Wisconsin at 1:22pm. We have every reason to believe Field McConnell’s arrest was politically motivated because of Field McConnell’s recent political activism. We also believe Field McConnell’s right to freedom of speech has been completely eviscerated culminating in his arrest for extradition to Broward County, Florida. This indicates to us Field McConnell was kidnapped under false felony charges of “cyber stalking” and “making death threats.”

Field McConnell’s hearing for extradition to Broward County, Florida is scheduled for 2 December 2019. We are already aware of requests placed to your office to gain access to your official email account as governor of Wisconsin as a matter of transparency. Even though you have stated publicly your emails should be released for better transparency, your office has refused release of official emails. As was stated by Bill Lueders with the Wisconsin Freedom of Information Council:

“There is value to having access to an archive like that. You get to see what communications are coming from whom and how often they are coming. You can do some kind of analysis if you have all of the emails. Which is why requesters are entitled to the emails.”

What we would like to learn under freedom of information are possible official communications from your office, if there exist any official communications between the state of Florida, specifically Broward County, Florida, and the governor’s office in Wisconsin of any communications regarding the status of Field McConnell of Plum City, Wisconsin now incarcerated at the Pierce County Jail in Wisconsin? There are thousands of people who can attest to Field McConnell’s good character and his benevolent intent in all of his activities contradicting the three fraudulent felony charges against him originating out of Broward County, Florida. Under extradition agreements, the state of Florida must demonstrate a crime was committed in the state of Florida. There is no record of Field McConnell being in the state of Florida during these recent events.
There are serious accusations against Judge Michael Kaplan of Broward County, Florida including being “dishonest; does not follow the law; uses Broward court rooms to confer personal favors to his ‘friends’; uses his court position to harass Broward County residents.” Please review this evidence carefully concerning Broward County, Florida when you make your decision to block Field McConnell’s possible extradition to Broward County, Florida. If Field McConnell is extradited to Broward County, Florida this could possibly be the “judge” hearing Field McConnell’s three fraudulent felony charges to silence him. This is the same judge it is alleged who signed Field McConnell’s arrest warrant in Broward County, Florida. Considering carefully Judge Kaplan’s history described in the following link, we want to know with full transparency those responsible (Field McConnell’s accusers) for bringing this particular case to Judge Kaplan, and if a fraudulent arrest warrant has been issued against Field McConnell.

Judge Michael Kaplan (Broward County)
As concerned Americans, we are respectfully asking you to carefully consider all legal integrity to intercede to block Field McConnell’s possible extradition to Broward County, Florida depending on his extradition hearing of 2 December 2019. Governor Tony Evers, the following is Field McConnell’s most recent statement of 11 November 2019 (Veteran’s Day) from the Pierce County Jail in Wisconsin. This demonstrates intent:

This is Field McConnell and I would like to give my Field Report number 5 for the 11th of November 2019 which is Veteran’s Day. I would encourage people to take a look at Genesis 50-20, which off the top of my head said, and I don’t have a bible open, but Genesis 50-20, said that which the bad people would want for evil God uses for good is the reason God uses good people. [20 “You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives”] And I’m sure the reason I am here right now is for a good reason. Also our bible history lesson is from Exodus 8:1 to 7, God put a plague of frogs up on people that were holding God’s people captive, and then a lady who I met named Susan F., wanted me to review Ephesians 6-13 which basically says – and once again I don’t have a bible open – basically says put on the full armor of God so that when the day of evil comes you can stand and when you’ve done all else stand. And that is where I am right now today. I have done everything I can and I am standing. I can read a message that I just sent to Denise and I hope that the message I sent to Denise I ended it, well I wrote it, so her’s is even better than this but here’s the basic idea:

Today’s message is based I my being – and this being Veteran’s Day – being held captive under fraudulent arrest for my continued exposure of the deep state and the usurpation of our laws and our Constitution. On this day four marine generals, and I mean today of 2019, there are four marine generals that are aware of my confinement, and also the president is aware of my confinement. And I am supposed to be serving the president as a broadcaster and in fact, I am at this very moment. The reason President Trump wanted me to broadcast was to identify and interview victims of CPS (Child Protective Services) abuse towards children and families in America. I find it noteworthy that I could report on national figures like GHW Bush, both Clintons, John McCain, Nancy Pelosi and Diane Feinstein with no unlawful blowback. But when I linked Broward County, Florida, parentheses “Chabad, Sheriff Israel and the Parkland shooting hoax,” and also “Ukraine child trafficking” end quotes, the state of Wisconsin would conspire to appears to silence my exposure.

Exposure that was ordained by God on the 4th of December of 2006. And the exposure that was ordained again on the 22nd of July of 2019 when President Trump and ________ caused Timothy Charles Holmseth and I to join forces 33 days before the gathering that Denise and I created to encourage the dropping of all charges against Timothy by Broward County, Florida. Today, I am well fed, well rested with a very clear mind and extremely well supported by Denise, Kirk Pentergrass, Carol King, Mad Dog, Eager Beaver, Good Vibes, ________ and thousands of people who I don’t know but many of whom I will need at the Remnant Warrior Conference in Dallas the 5th to the 8th of March. God will not be mocked. And I just want to say one last thing. At that conference called “Remnant Warrior,” Denise and I will write a book which will probably be titled War Bride [not clear from audio] Remnant Warrior identifying her position in this battle and mine.

From our examining the conduct of the state of Florida and the state of Wisconsin, neither of these entities have demonstrated due process in these evolving circumstances. This is Field McConnell’s eighth day of confinement in the Pierce County Jail. Field McConnell has been informed there is a penalty for unlawful confinement. The supreme court has ruled that if you deprive a man of his liberty you do so at your own peril. We will pursue justice of law and those who are involved with Field McConnell.
Again, we implore you to have Field McConnell released from the Pierce County Jail and to block any possible extradition of Field McConnell to Broward County, Florida. Field McConnell has been arrested and taken into custody against his consent being kidnapped and held captive under fraudulent accusations on three felony charges.
Thank you for your diligence in this matter.

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