2 thoughts on “Watch “Chris Hedges: Sacrifice Zones of America” on YouTube”

  1. Mr. Chris Hedges is a known Socialist! Why would anyone want to listen to him? This would be like listening to the liberal socialists Democrats and the brainwashed Socialist and bar maid Cortez and her Green New Deal that would place us under the rule of the UN. This is a young girl who knows little to nothing about much of anything. All these people want is to overturn our country and turn it into a socialist third world country where we would be taken over by the UN. Read UN Agenda 21 now called UN Agenda 2030 who have gone into local communities and fostered their agreement on the city council members in a city. It is called Sustainable Development which will take away your freedom to own private property, drive a car etc. and make us into a 3rd world country who answers only to the UN! That’s what this socialist movement is all about! You should be asking this guy about this sort of thing.

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