Trump to nominate ‘impeccable’ Christopher Wray as FBI director

Trump to nominate ‘impeccable’ Christopher Wray as FBI director

Another skull and bones guy.


2 thoughts on “Trump to nominate ‘impeccable’ Christopher Wray as FBI director”

  1. These Agencies were created to cover up the crimes of these societies and its members. Their job is to prosecute anyone who goes against any of the powers that be. The Government has a monopoly on crime. It is literally the key to the Elites holding on to power. These Skull and Bones pipsqueaks are just the descendants of Crowley’s followers. They all openly worship Lucifer, as such pedophilia is part of their religion. Nothing will be uncovered until the Secret Societies of death are exposed and their members held to account. Not put in charge of LEO’s lol, You have a lodge in every town across the USA and almost all its members belong to government or own businesses that directly to the bidding and business of government. It has to be secret or you will see its 1 big devil worshiping club and you aint in it. At which point you may revert back to hanging the “warlocks” and burning the “witches” AKA Luciferians. We used to just kill them and they are very scared of being found out and that happening again. But when your plan is to enslave rape and murder everyone on earth, you should probably keep those view secret.

    1. Clearly so. Control the media and food and keep us all ignorant and sickly. The protocols of the learned elders of Zion, and the views of David Duke , KKK and even the John Birch Society increasingly make good sense. One must hope there is a secret society that is diametrically opposed to the Luciferians and has a plan to kill them all off.

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