Putin Prepares for War, Medvedev Dedicates Himself to Science

Covert Geopolitics

To the deep consternation of the West, the Russian economy continues to grow amidst Western sanctions. Its scientific community and military sector continue to advance even after the massive plunders against the former Soviet Union.

Its agricultural sector, on the other hand, is poised to become the global superpower in terms of non-GMO food production.


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Kerry Exerting Great Effort to Facilitate Escape of U.S. Terrorists from Syria

Covert Geopolitics

The Russian-led coalition operating in Syria is determined to defeat the CIA-US State Department terrorists, i.e. regime change proxies collectively branded as the Islamic State.

With the defeat of the US State Department candidate, Hillary Clinton, the same coalition decided to resume with their operations after a 28-day unilateral ceasefire was ignored, i.e. the US failed to separate their “moderate rebels” from their terror mercenaries.

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The Top 10 Most Damaging WikiLeaks (so far)

Desultory Heroics


From MostDamagingWikileaks.com

1. Obama lied: he knew about Hillary’s secret server and wrote to her using a pseudonym, cover-up happened (intent to destroy evidence)

  • I cannot state how huge this is, it’s a cover-up involving the President of the United States. There are a lot of emails implying this, but this email states it very clearly so…

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