Expert report: Evidence proves election fraud and Bernie WON the Democratic nomination

The Most Revolutionary Act

Source: Carl Herman

“The difference between the reported totals, and our best estimate of the actual vote, varies considerably from state to state. However these differences are significant—sometimes more than 10%—and could change the outcome of the election.”  ~Fritz Scheuren, professor of statistics at George Washington University, President of the American Statistical Association (ASA)

1-minute expert testimony that unaccountable voting machines are a literal “black box” with absolutely nothing to see or count. Please note the disdain of the off-screen “official” responding to clear and obvious proof of election fraud:

We’ve documented that the US use of electronic voting machines without a paper trail fails to meet the definition of election because it requires physical votes subject to independently verifiable counting (with videos).

We’ve documented that Clinton belongs in prison for support of lie-started and illegal Wars of Aggression in key vocal roles as US Senator…

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US Diverts Missile Defense Funding to Boost Israeli Shield

Tales from the Conspiratum

Dear America, would it be best just to relocate Israel to Florida?

Source: US Diverts Missile Defense Funding to Boost Israeli Shield

Israel, US Carry Out Successful Test of Integrating Missile Defense Systems

July 29, 2016

© REUTERS/ Inquam Photos/Octav Ganea

According to the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) report, US Missile Defense Agency (MDA) has been spending an increased portion of its limited budget to fund Israeli missile defense systems at the expense of US domestic security.

WASHINGTON (Sputnik) – The US Missile Defense Agency (MDA) has been spending an increased portion ofits limited budget tofund Israeli missile defense systems atthe expense ofUS domestic security, the Center forStrategic and International Studies (CSIS) said ina report onFriday.

“Assistant forIsraeli missile defense occupies an increased percentage ofMDA’s budget,” the report stated.

The report’s primary author, Thomas Karako, explained that “US programs tend toget cut asa kind ofbill-payer fora…

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BRAVE NEW WORLD: ‘Mark of the Beast’, Sleepwalking into the Surveillance Society – By Steven Tritton

We must turn the surveillance around and take it over so we can watch the 1% .


Source –

“…The web accelerated the network’s proliferation into every aspect of modern daily life in advanced societies. The speed of that transformation has left global society unaware of the political and societal implications of using a one-world network as the central nervous system of humanity. Foremost among those implications was the globalisation and totalisation of surveillance”:

(The Emerging ‘Mark of the Beast’ System: Sleepwalking into the Surveillance Society – By Steven Tritton)

Modern technology has created a brave new electronic and borderless world. Surveillance and biometric capturing technologies have advanced significantly in recent years. ID programs have modernised with the likes of ID smartcards linked to huge databases enabling fast and secure electronic authentication among other surveillance functions.

Advances in digital technologies have made it possible now to construct an identification system capable of monitoring just about every human transaction. The surveillance society is no longer a…

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We, the People v. CORPORATIONS; a precedent for natural law and natural justice; join us on Zoom in 4 hours from now…

Giftoftruth Southern Africa

itnjcommittee_logo_279x75Natural law and natural justice as the highest jurisdiction is in fact the salvation of we, the people against tyranny; yet, it has been abandoned and has stood vacant for generations while pirates freely sail the high laws of the seas, plundering for the 1%, while enslaving and robbing the 99% ; we, the people are required to set a new precedent; it’s time for change.

The battle is in fact: – “we, the people” versus CORPORATIONS; 99% v. 1%; law of the land v. LAW OF THE SEA; freedom v. slavery; equality v. HIERACHY;

Yet, we cannot fight for peace; we can only peace for peace; at some point we likely may be found to breach the peace;

 2016.06.12 UZA Crowd-funding

Judicial activism is a lawful and practical method to ‘peace for peace’ and to remain lawful in the process; it’s in the action of performing the duty wherein sovereignty lies;


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JAIL THE BANKSTERS? Is True Justice Seeking Retribution? Really?…

Giftoftruth Southern Africa

We are beginning to see a time when some bankers will get thrown under the bus, so to speak, by their very own brothers-in-arms, the banking fraternity; while some may cheer, it is in fact a sad state of affairs;

Banksters gene pool

Now, we know that there is honour, even among thieves; and, scapegoats and fall guys will be chosen from within their ranks to fall on their swords so as to appease the pitchfork-wielding people; the ‘retributionists’ as we call them: the eye-for-an-eye folks; while the real masterminds will get away…. Yet, again while the people squabble between themselves on how the banksters should be punished; here are some recent reports:

BAR: Maybe 3 years ago we would have cheered, but not today; not after comprehending what natural law and natural justice is; what the law truly is; and, how we are still blindly following a retributive colonial slave…

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Malaysian PM Najib Razak indicted in multi-billion dollar embezzlement scandal, is seeking immunity in exchange for testimony against the Rothschilds

Let us hope this is all factual and that an end to the Cabal is certain.

Satu Insan - Malaysia


By Benjamin Fulford

July 30, 2016

CIA sources in East Asia alerted us to the fact the US Justice Department has indicted Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak for embezzling over $1 billion from a fund meant to be used for Malaysian economic development.

The indictment is calling for the seizure of all the profits from the Hollywood hit movie The Wolf of Wall Street, because it was financed with embezzled funds. The indictment also mentions Saudi Arabian royals, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan and Bank Privee Edmond de Rothschild.


The CIA sources source say Najib has asked for immunity and placement for him and his family in the witness protection program in exchange for testifying about the links between the embezzlement scandal, the Rothschild family and missing Malaysian Airlines flight 370. If so, this could be the case that finally brings down the Rothschild dynasty. The Rockefeller/Bush/Clinton branch…

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REALPOLITIK: Turkish Attack on NATO Military Base Seals NATO’s Fate in the Middle East

Time for a revolution here to stop the killing in our name. Depose the tyranny- Hang the bankers.


Source –

–  “…To put it simply, the US government is working both sides of the Middle East conflict, and in particular, even within its supposed ally, the Turkish government, i.e. by supporting the Kurds separatist movements against Turkey, and by the CIA training and funding of the Daesh terrorists just to weaken and keep Turkey under its thumb”:

(Turkish Attack on NATO Military Base Seals NATO’s Fate in the Middle East)

Who else ordered the burning of the  NATO military base yesterday, if not Erdogan?

The Khazarian Mafia suffered a major blow in the Middle East as Turkey pivots to Russia and BRICS at large. This is the only conclusion that can be derived from the recent arson attack at the NATO base in the country, after the failed CIA instigated military coup against the Erdogan government.

“A massive fire erupted near a NATO base in western Turkey…

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Untold History of the US – Bush and Clinton Squandered Peace

The Most Revolutionary Act

Part 9 of Oliver Stones Untold History of the United States covers the Bush senior and Clinton presidency

Bush Senior Presidency

Stone begins by exploring the role of Bush’s father Prescott Bush and other Wall street figures in supporting the rise of Hitler and the Nazi war machine. The list of Wall Street corporations that supplied money, weapons, chemicals, tanks, aircraft and other material support to the Third Reich is a long one: Ford, IBM, GM, Hearst, Standard Oil, Dupont, Kodak, United Fruit, Westinghouse, Douglas Aircraft, ITT, GE, Singer, International Harvester, Union Bank, Chase Manhattan Bank, JP Morgan and the Bank of International Settlements.

Many of these companies demanded (and received) reparations when the Allies bombed their German factories.

Stone devotes much of this episode to the fall of totalitarian rule in Eastern Europe (1989-91), which he describes as the largest peaceful revolution in history. He also discusses the military…

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