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Hillary Clinton to be Indicted on Federal Racketeering Charges
Frank Huguenard
The Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) is a United States Federal Law passed in 1970 that was designed to provide a tool for law enforcement agencies to fight organized crime.  RICO allows prosecution and punishment for alleged racketeering activity that has been executed as part of an ongoing criminal enterprise.
Activity considered to be racketeering may include bribery, counterfeiting, money laundering, embezzlement, illegal gambling, kidnapping, murder, drug trafficking, slavery, and a host of other nefarious business practices.
James Comey and The FBI will present a recommendation to Loretta Lynch, Attorney General of the Department of Justice, that includes a cogent argument that the Clinton Foundation is an ongoing criminal enterprise engaged in money laundering and soliciting bribes in exchange for political, policy and legislative favors to individuals, corporations and even governments both foreign and domestic.

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Center for a Stateless Society » Mussolini or Nixon? Don’t Bother Voting. Prepare to Resist

An Outsider's Sojourn II


The following article is for those of you who are still willing to actively take part in this every four year farce:

Mussolini or Nixon? Don’t Bother Voting. Prepare to Resist

William Gillis | @rechelon

The next President of the United States will be one of the worst.

If September 11th was a gunshot that allowed the Bush Administration to take off sprinting, the Obama administration grabbed the baton and charged forward even faster. No one spends years pursuing political power only to walk into the Oval Office and suddenly decide to surrender and abolish their power. The exchange of the executive office between Republicans and Democrats is just the steady ratchet of authoritarianism — each side stamping out pockets of freedom that their predecessor’s didn’t.

And yet this election poses a situation even more dire than usual. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have the most extreme unfavorability…

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Whistleblower Leaks Secret Assassination and Kill List Documents


The Most Revolutionary Act

In the following video, Jeremy Cahill discusses his book The Assassination Complex: Inside the Government’s Secret Drone Warfare Program. For the most part, the book consists of leaked about the CIA’s “secret” drone assassination program. This is the first time any official documents have been made public.

Cahill’s latest book includes documents setting out the criteria for putting Americans and others on the terrorist “watch list.” Other documents describe the “kill chain,” the process by which prospects are moved from the “watch list” to the “kill list.” When Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State, she signed off on every targeted assassination carried out by the Obama White House.

According to Scahill, the watch list contains over one million entries, including 21,000 Americans. Among other data, the watch list includes bank records and confidential medical records.

Scahill begins his talk with fascinating commentary on the three main presidential candidates. Among…

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“The Illuminati Were Amateurs — The Facts Show These Five Families Rule the World”

Have at them.

An Outsider's Sojourn II


The mafia is still alive and well, only it isn’t made up of Italians anymore. Here are its five families:

The Illuminati Were Amateurs — The Facts Show These Five Families Rule the World

By Claire Bernish

As you begin to understand world governments don’t have your best interests in mind — that enemies of the State could more aptly be called enemies of the globe’s corporate and banking elite — power comes sharply into focus. Those who actually hold the power control the world’s economies, and it’s clear the fates of over 7.4 billion souls now inhabiting the planet are, at best, the least of their concern.

Of those at the top of food chain, so to speak, a small collection of families dictates both domestic and foreign policy — mainly through fueling war and conflict for the good of the military and pharmaceutical industries, and to…

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Shut Her Down NOW!

Killer E. Clinton is unfit to rule. We don’t want the Lying Red Queen to off our heads. Vote for the white Rabbit Named Bernie!

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Intel Vets Urge Fast Report on Clinton’s Emails

Published on Tuesday, May 24, 2016

A group of U.S. intelligence veterans is calling on President Obama to expedite the FBI review of former Secretary of State Clinton’s alleged email security violations so the public can assess this issue in a timely fashion.

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.


FROM: Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity

SUBJECT: Those “Damn Emails” – “Really a Concern”


Last Wednesday Robert Gates, CIA Director under President Bush-41 and Defense Secretary under President Bush-43, publicly commented that Secretary Hillary Clinton’s “whole email thing … is really a concern in terms of her judgment,” adding, “I don’t know what originally prompted her to think that was a good idea.”

What originally prompted her does not matter. As your Secretary of State and your subordinate, she willfully…

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Mad About Rigged Elections? Mainstream Media Says YOU Are the Problem

The Media demands the status quo that enriches itself via the obscene expense of the process itself.

Desultory Heroics


By Claire Bernish

Source: AntiMedia

Mainstream headlines constantly decry Bernie Sanders supporters for disrupting events in outrage, as if their protests and demonstrations somehow illustrate the devolution of the elections. But that focus by the corporate media utterly negates the consistent and continual reports of fraud and disenfranchisement fueling their ire.

And it’s getting ridiculous.

Newsweek, though far from alone, offered a prime example of the obfuscation of the election fraud and questionable campaign tactics by Hillary Clinton in its skewering of Sanders’ supporters.

Get Control, Senator Sanders, or Get Out,” Newsweek’s Kurt Eichenwald titled his op-ed — which thoroughly blasts the Vermont senator — as if he were somehow responsible for both the electoral chaos and the actions of an irate voting public.

“So, Senator Sanders,” Eichenwald writes [with emphasis added], “either get control of what is becoming your increasingly unhinged cult, or get…

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The Man Who Bought the Clintons: the Political Business of Terry McAuliffe

Desultory Heroics


(Editor’s note: In light of yesterday’s announcement that Hillary Clinton’s former campaign chairman Terry McAuliffe is being investigated by federal prosecutors for illegal foreign campaign donations made directly to him and through the Clinton Foundation, it’s worth revisiting this article from 10/15 to learn more about his shady history.)


Source: CounterPunch

In May 1999, the Labor Department brought suit against Jack Moore and John Grau, charging the two men with mismanaging the pension fund for the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers. Moore was the longtime secretary of the union, while Grau was the vice-president of the National Electrical Contractor’s Association, which was partner in the fund. At issue was a series of sweetheart real estate deals in central Florida, which regulators labeled “imprudent”, and cost the fund money. Moore and Grau eventually settled the case for more than six figures. The union was forced to kick…

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Clinton Does Best Where Voting Machines Flunk Hacking Tests: Hillary Clinton vs. Bernie Sanders Election Fraud Allegations

Killer E. Clinton leaned from the same cabal that anointed the Bush Dynasty how to rig the system .

Desultory Heroics


By Doug Johnson Hatlem

Source: CounterPunch

At the end of the climactic scene (8 minutes) in HBO’s Emmy nominated Hacking Democracy (2006), a Leon County, Florida Election official breaks down in tears. “There are people out there who are giving their lives just to try to make our elections secure,” she says. “And these vendors are lying and saying everything is alright.” Hundreds of jurisdictions throughout the United States are using voting machines or vote tabulators that have flunked security tests. Those jurisdictions by and large are where former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is substantially outperforming the first full wave of exit polling in her contest against Senator Bernie Sanders.

CounterPunch has interviewed hackers, academics, exit pollsters, and elections officials and workers in multiple states for this series taking election fraud allegations seriously. The tearful breakdown in Hacking Democracy is not surprising. There is a well-beyond remarkable gap between…

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U.S. Government Panics After Hearing Pete Santilli’s Latest Message

Land grabs in America and the world are nothing new. Redistribution of power and wealth of property and information or a class war or revolution is nothing new either. Bernie Sanders.

Maine Republic Email Alert

Reporter and political prisoner Pete Santilli of The Pete Santilli Show dropped a bombshell from jail earlier this week. He claims that the information below, once it comes out in the open in court, will have the ‘US government’ in a panic.

In a recorded statement by Deb Jordan, Pete’s co-host, Santilli said that the information comes from the congressional record 1866.

“The dirt at Bundy Ranch is in Clark County,” Santilli began. “Clark County has always been a part of the State of Nevada and is not ‘federal land’ in any way shape or form, period.”

Take a listen to the entire interview below.

U.S. Government Panics After Hearing 
Pete Santilli’s Latest Message
May 10 2016

Santilli is right, too. Even according to Clark County Nevada’s website, it was on May 4, 1866 that Nevada extended southern border into Arizona Territory, covering territory to point where Colorado River…

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