COVER-UP: Indian Point Nuclear Reactor – Chernobyl On The Hudson


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– It has been nicknamed Chernobyl on the Hudson. Lying just 34 miles north of New York City’s Central Park, the Indian Point Energy Center has been leaking the radioactive material known as tritium into the groundwater. On February 6, 2016 New York Governor Andrew Cuomo finally alerted the public as to the potential catastrophe. Better late than never? Potential nuclear disasters occurring at the Indian Point Energy Center now managed by the Louisiana based Entergy Corporation have been ongoing since 1973.

Obviously, Indian Point could potentially be a repeat of the level 7 Fukushima Daiichi disaster if a nuclear meltdown occurs due to a hurricane or other natural event leading to equipment failures. However, a similar disaster would require the evacuation of 5.6 million people and render Manhattan a no go zone for decades. In 2004, a study by the Union of Concerned Scientists estimated as…

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99% PROOF: Big Pharma Shaking in Their Boots as 80% of Cannabis Users Give Up Prescriptions Pills for Marijuana


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 – new survey conducted by the Centre for Addictions Research of BC helps explain why Big Pharma is so afraid of cannabis. The pharmaceutical and alcohol industries, both powerful influences in Washington, have long lobbied against cannabis legalization in order to protect their profits.

However, the tide has turned as decriminalization of medical and recreational cannabis sweeps the nation and the continent. With legalization, more and more people are discovering how this plant can provide a safe alternative to the dangerous effects of prescription pills.

The survey of 473 adult therapeutic cannabis users found that 87% of respondents gave up prescription medications, alcohol, or other drugs in favor of cannabis. Adults under 40 were likely to give up all three of these for medical cannabis.

The most startling revelation, and one that will have Big Pharma running to their crony lawmakers, is that…

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VOODOO ECONOMICS: Professor Who Exposed Flint Water Crisis Says Pressure to Get Funded Destroys Integrity, Promotes Greed, and Has Killed Science

All academia should be free. Tax the rich.


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“I grew up worshiping at the altar of science, and in my wildest dreams I never thought scientists would behave this way,” said Virginia Tech professor, Marc Edwards, whose research helped expose the high levels of lead in municipal waters in both Flint, Michigan, and Washington, D.C.

Marc Edwards is the Virginia Tech civil engineer and professor who helped expose the Flint water crisis, all while Governor Snyder was colluding to keep that information hidden, as shown by the governor’s emails.

When interviewed in February by the Chronicle of Higher Education, Edwards said that both Michigan and Washington authorities knew they were poisoning residents with lead-contaminated water.

Academic Pressures Hinder Useful Research

Edwards lamented that the idea of engaging in scientific research for the public good is lost due to a scientific culture that lives on a “hedonistic treadmill.” Researchers face incredible pressure to…

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CORPRO-FASCISM: Engineering War, The US Used to Make Bullets to Fight Wars – Now They Make Wars to Sell Bullets

AMERICAN Fascism in a nutshell.


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 – The US has been at war some 222 years of its 239 year existence, which is 93% of the time. We have the most powerful military in the world, bigger and more powerful than the next 14 countries combined, most of which are our allies. (Graph):

Wars are created as a means to make profit via industries that relate to war. This can be surprisingly broad, from bullet and gun makers, to tanks, vehicles, missiles, planes, satellites, to intelligence communities, soldier training, and mercenaries, to oil companies that gain access to new land and markets, and banks who can infiltrate newly-toppled governments and ensure the country gets hooked on their loans. This is the bizarre melding of military actions with the actions of industry. It also includes companies that rebuild buildings after wars demolish them all, something the US profited from greatly after WW2. All…

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KILL THE MESSENGER: The Last Confession of E. Howard Hunt, US Government/CIA Team Murdered JFK – By Larry Chin (Archive)


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The April 5 issue of Rolling Stone features the deathbed confession of CIA operative and key Bay of Pigs/Watergate/Nixon administration figure E. Howard Hunt, The Last Confession of E. Howard Hunt by Erik Hedegaard. This piece is significant not only for its exploration of Hunt, but for breakthrough information that appears to thoroughly corroborate the work of key John F. Kennedy assassination researchers and historians.

Who killed JFK?
According to Hunt’s confession, which was taken by his son, St. John (“Saint”) Hunt, over the course of many personal and carefully planned father-son meetings, the following individuals were among the key participants:
Lyndon B. Johnson: LBJ, whose own career was assisted by JFK nemesis J. Edgar Hoover (FBI), gave the orders to a CIA-led hit team, and helped guide the Warren Commission/lone gunman cover-up.
Cord Meyer: CIA agent, architect of the Operation Mockingbird…

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The US economy has not recovered and will not recover

Desultory Heroics


By Paul Craig Roberts

Source: Intrepid Report

The US economy died when middle class jobs were offshored and when the financial system was deregulated.

Jobs offshoring benefitted Wall Street, corporate executives, and shareholders, because lower labor and compliance costs resulted in higher profits. These profits flowed through to shareholders in the form of capital gains and to executives in the form of “performance bonuses.” Wall Street benefitted from the bull market generated by higher profits.

However, jobs offshoring also offshored US GDP and consumer purchasing power. Despite promises of a “New Economy” and better jobs, the replacement jobs have been increasingly part-time, lowly-paid jobs in domestic services, such as retail clerks, waitresses and bartenders.

The offshoring of US manufacturing and professional service jobs to Asia stopped the growth of consumer demand in the US, decimated the middle class, and left insufficient employment for college graduates to be able to service…

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THEATER OF THE ABSURD: The Insanity of American Foreign Policy, CIA-Backed Rebels Are Fighting Pentagon-Backed Rebels

Double war profits are the chaotic goal and the plunder of Empire justifies the Rothschild-Khazarian Cabal’s means. 9


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CIA-backedIslamic rebels are fighting against Pentagon-backed Kurish rebels in Syria.

Buzzfeed notes:

Officials with Syrian rebel battalions that receive covert backing from one arm of the U.S. government told BuzzFeed News that they recently began fighting rival rebels supported by another arm of the U.S. government.

The infighting between American proxies is the latest setback for the Obama administration’s Syria policy and lays bare its contradictions as violence in the country gets worse.

The confusion is playing out on the battlefield — with the U.S. effectively engaged in a proxy war with itself.


Furqa al-Sultan Murad receives weapons from the U.S. and its allies as part of a covert program, overseen by the CIA, that aids rebel groups struggling to overthrow the government of Syrian president Bashar al-Assad, according to rebel officials and analysts tracking the conflict.

The Kurdish militants, on the…

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REBEL YELL: 5 Whistle-Blowers Everyone Needs To Know


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– With the awakening continuing to speed up in our world, it seems that information continues to spill out of the darkness and into the light more and more with each passing week. Whistle-blowers continue to come out and speak of what they know; both on a micro-scale (truths coming out at work, school or small community) and on the macro scale (Edward Snowden, Anna von Reitz, etc.)

These people listed below could also be seen as truth-seekers and those who encourage and inspire humanity to come together as one to create a beautiful new system that helps everyone, and not just a small group.

From the list below, I have personally found inspiration that a new day is dawning and that it is one that is positive for all of humanity and this planet. (The list is not meant to rank these people in order of…

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REALPOLITIK: The Russian Phoenix, Hope or Illusion? – By Moti Nissani, Ph.D


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 – Apart from the mainstream portrayal of Russia as a ruthless expansionist dictatorship (a portrayal too ludicrous to merit attention here), most awake commentators fall into one of two camps.

Members of the first camp believe that the realization of a better world depends on Russia’s success in its efforts to reform itself, maintain its independence, and contain American ambitions.

Members of the second camp believe that the Russo-American confrontation is of no significance to the long-term future of humanity either because that conflict is being engineered by the people who control both nations, or because both sides to the conflict are “criminal networks that use brutality and violence to enforce their control over given areas and to terrorize others.”

Neither camp, to my knowledge, provides a fact-based bird’s-eye view of this topic. The present article attempts to close this gap, thereby enabling readers to form their…

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