RUSSIAN ROULETTE: Was Erdogan a “lone assassin”, or Just a Willing Patsy?


Source –, By F. William Engdahl 

– It is documented that Israel is deeply implicated in working with ISIS in Syria, particularly in the Golan Heights region where Genie Energy, a company tied to Dick Cheney and Jacob Lord Rothschild, recently claimed it had discovered a huge oil find in Israeli seized land in the Syrian Golan Heights. A recent UN report detailed eye-witness accounts of Israeli IDF soldiers with ISIS terrorists. ISIS has also conspicuously ignored attacks on Israel: 

Erdogan’s Russian Roulette–Was It Only About Oily Revenge?: All publicly available intelligence surrounding the deliberate and illegal shoot-down of the Russian SU-34 fighter-bomber over Syrian airspace on November 24 by planes of the Turkish Air Force indicate the action was pre-meditated and carefully so. The relevant question is by whom and for what end or ends? The Russian Prime Minister has pointed to Turkey’s losses from the…

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What I Am Thankful For On this Day, Thanksgiving Day!

Thanks Shelby.


Thanksgiving my ass

I really had no thought of writing anything on Thanksgiving Day because several of my dear blogger friends took the time to post some wonderful Thanksgiving Day blog posts. And I have already re-blogged them to my heart’s content. But I just want to take this opportunity, and this is off the top of my head, to let them know how appreciative I am to know that there are some people that truly think for themselves. It does my heart good to know that there are some who will not simply conform to the dictates of a fucked up society, but who will indulge themselves in a bit of critical thinking. Try it sometime! It does my heart good to know that there are others like me who refuse to ‘like’ all up and down on some lies that are told to us about Thanksgiving Day and because we are too damn lazy, we…

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Did Israel Steal Bomb-Grade Uranium from the United States?


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– Last month the Interagency Security Classification Appeals Panel (ISCAP), the nation’s highest classification authority, released a number of top-level government memoranda that shed additional light on the so-called NUMEC affair, “the story that won’t go away—the possibility that in the 1960s, Israel stole bomb-grade uranium from a US nuclear fuel-processing plant.”

The evidence available for our 2010 Bulletin article persuaded us that Israel did steal uranium from the Apollo, Pennsylvania, plant of the Nuclear Materials and Equipment Corporation (NUMEC). We urged the US government to declassify CIA and FBI documents to settle the matter. In releasing the current batch—the release being largely due to the persistent appeals of researcher Grant Smith—the government has been careful to excise from all the released documents the CIA’s reasons for fingering Israel. Despite this, the documents are significantly revealing. For one thing, the excisions themselves are a backhanded admission…

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COVER-UP: Nuclear Materials Were Secretly Buried “Under the Cover of National Security Secrecy”


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Thousands stricken with cancer in St. Louis due to secret burials of nuclear material by U.S. government:

St. Louis, Missouri residents living in North County are in the midst of a health nightmare after discovering that for decades nuclear waste has been sitting in soil that’s in close proximity to their homes and parks. One such person is Mary Oscko, who has stage four lung cancer. Several of her neighbors have also been affected; they either have cancer themselves or have lost a child or parent to the disease.(1,2)

So serious is the issue that, according to a CBS Newsvideo on the topic, a nearby park is now padlocked. There, the Army Corps of Engineers are removing low level radioactive waste that was found underneath the topsoil. In fact, it’s estimated that approximately 2,700 people are facing serious health…

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CROSSROADS: Profound Political Disunity Is Now Pitting Rising Elites Against Fading Elites – By Charles Hugh Smith


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The American Power Elite may yet discover that throw the bums out applies to all existing Establishment parties and Elites:

As I have often noted, historian Michael Grant identified profound political disunity in the ruling class as a key cause of the dissolution of the Roman Empire. Grant described this dynamic in his excellent account The Fall of the Roman Empire, a book I have been recommending since 2009.

The Fall of the Roman Empire by Michael Grant — Reviews, Discussion ...

The chapter titles of the book provide a precis of the other causes Grant identifies:

The Gulfs Between the Classes

The Credibility Gap

The Partnerships That Failed

The Groups That Opted Out

The Undermining of Effort

Today we focus on the rising profound political disunity of the Power Elites of the U.S. As a general observation, the largely theatrical polarization of the two political parties is being replaced by fault lines within each party and American society that…

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CORPRO-FASCISM: University of Chicago’s Machiavellian Professor Leo Strauss and His Neo-Nazi Neo-Cons – By Prof. Francis Boyle


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– It is now a matter of public record that immediately after the terrible tragedy of 11 September 2001, U.S. Secretary of War Donald Rumsfeld and his pro-Israeli Neo-Conservative Deputy Paul Wolfowitz began to plot, plan, scheme and conspire to wage a war of aggression against Iraq by manipulating the tragic events of September 11th in order to provide a pretext for doing so. Of course Iraq had nothing at all to do with September 11th or supporting Al-Qaeda. But that made no difference to Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, their Undersecretary of War Douglas Feith, and the numerous other pro-Israeli Neo-Cons inhabiting the Bush Jr. administration.

These pro-Israeli Neo-Cons had been schooled in the Machiavellian/Hobbist/Nietzschean theories of Professor Leo Strauss who taught political philosophy at the University of Chicago in its Department of Political Science for many years. The best exposé of Strauss’s pernicious theories on law, politics, government…

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AMERIKA: Ralph Nader – ‘Corporate Criminals have Overrun the Government’

We are a Fascist Plutocracy


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– Describing the United States as an “advanced Third World country,” longtime consumer advocate and former presidential candidate Ralph Nader calls for a new mass movement to challenge the power corporations have in Washington. “It is not too extreme to call our system of government now ‘American fascism.’ It’s the control of government by big business, which Franklin Delano Roosevelt defined in 1938 as fascism,” Nader says. “We have the lowest minimum wage in the Western world. We have the greatest amount of consumer debt. We have the highest child poverty, the highest adult poverty, huge underemployment, a crumbling public works — but huge multi-billionaires and hugely profitable corporations. I say to the American people: What’s your breaking point? When are you going to stop making excuses for yourself? When are you going to stop exaggerating these powers when you know you have the power in this…

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WITH CRIMINAL INTENT: The US Federal Reserve Money Laundry, Bank-sponsored Treason in Washington DC and New York City


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– The technical detail of the US Federal Reserve’s illegal and anti-Consitutional money laundry is now known to the the US Supreme Court, the US Congress, the US Pentagon and the US Provost Marshal.

The individuals, agents, agencies, constituent corporations, primary dealers and private owners of the US Federal Reserve nexus now have no lawful or legitimate claim to legal immunity. Nor do the individuals acting for the law enforcement authorities who are tasked with the arrest and proper public prosecution, in open court, of the accused persons.

The Washington-backed US establishment system of banking embezzlement is outlined in the following summary of a current Legal Complaint by Federal Reserve whistleblower James Carter, a US resident of Cass County, Missouri.

The US Federal Reserve banking syndicate (the Federal Reserve Bank of New York  and the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve) is explicitly accused of hiding…

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THE MEDIA MONOPOLY: What You’re Not Being Told About The “War On Terror”


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The Saudi links to terrorism are one of the world’s worst kept “secrets”. Roughly 200 years ago, the founder of Wahhabism and the founder of the House of Saud allied together, so from the very beginning Saudi Arabia has been rooted in Wahhabist ideology.

To resolve a conflict, you have to understand its causes, yet in the West, especially in the US, the average person knows almost nothing about the “terrorists” they’re against. We’re simply given this idea of a vague “radical Islam” that’s threatening the whole world, yet terrorist groups like Daesh (ISIS/ISIL), Al-Qaeda, and Boko Haram are all centered around a very specific belief system: Wahhabism.

Wahhabism represents religion taken to its most ridiculous extreme, and is thankfully only practiced by a minority of Muslims. It views those who practice any other form of Islam as apostates, and it’s punishment for apostasy is death. It’s…

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REALPOLITIK: How Saudi Arabia has become the Lifeline of the American Dream – By Marin Katusa


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– ‘…After the Federal Reserve completely removed the American dollar from the gold standard in 1970, America entered into a secret defence treaty with the Saudis in 1975. The main purpose of this treaty was to end the OPEC oil embargo, which was started by King Faisal in response to American support for Israeli aggression. While the deal guaranteed American military support for the House of Saud, it also required OPEC countries to sell their oil in US dollars (Petrodollars). This created a quasi-oil standard for the American dollar, which has since then saved the American dollar from imminent collapse.

Here are some points gleaned from the insight offered by Marin Katusa.

  1. With OPEC countries controlling most of the oil export to the rest of the world, demand for OPEC oil also increased the demand for the US dollar in these importing nations.
  2. More than 70% of all 100 US dollar bills…

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