“Vaccines’ “Smoking Gun” And What to Do About It”

Truth =mass spreading of cancer and disease in a time release method. Future profits crop cancer treatment and big pharmacy.

An Outsider's Sojourn II

Image: Dees Illustration

As the title implies, the following article makes some strong suggestions for how you can take action against the Pig Pharma/medical-complex’s attempts to force untested, ineffective and extremely toxic vaccines on your children and you:

Vaccines’ “Smoking Gun” And What To Do About It

By Catherine J. Frompovich

Everyone who’s been working in the field of vaccine safety advocacy feels certain there’s a ‘smoking gun’ analogy that proves vaccines cause damage, including autism. Apparently that ‘gun’ has been found, and it’s smokin’ hot, at least according to CDC whistleblower William Thompson, PhD, and others who have studied the transcripts of the conversations between Dr Thompson and Brian Hooker, PhD.

After listening to Gary Null’s show Progressive Commentary Hour – 8/25/15 with three outstanding guests, Kevin Barry, Esq., Robert W Sears, MD, and Mary Holland, Esq., I decided to share with my readers their exciting discussion.

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