How to get rich in America

Counter Information


By David Hoffman

In America, and indeed in any capitalist society, financial security and material success are normally the primary objectives (some would say the obsessions) of one’s life.  As a result, there exists a proliferation of “experts” who allegedly possess the formula to achieving these goals:  Proponents of TheLaw of Attraction,Positive Thinking, Praying forProsperity, Self-Hypnosis, Divining the Stock Market, or Investing in RealEstate are more than eager to tell you that riches beyond your wildest dreams await if you just follow a few “simple” steps.

Of course, it should be no surprise that the principal way many of these proponents make their money is by selling products and/or services telling you how to make your money.  You just need to buy their DVDs or Computer Apps, subscribe to their newsletters, or attend their seminars.

Recently, however, the owners of

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