The Terrorism Statistics Every American Needs to Hear

What are my chances if I Draw a cartoon of the prophet Mohammed sodomizing an inflatable Jenna Jamieson, in a crowded Kebob parlor in central Peshawar ?

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Global Research, February 21, 2015

osama2This article was first published on May 19, 2014.

 Calm Down … You Are Much More Likely to Be Killed By Boring, Mundane Things than Terrorism

McClatchy reported in 2010:

There were just 25 U.S. noncombatant fatalities from terrorism worldwide. (The US government definition of terrorism excludes attacks on U.S. military personnel). While we don’t have the figures at hand, undoubtedly more American citizens died overseas from traffic accidents or intestinal illnesses than from terrorism.

The March, 2011, Harper‘s Index noted:

Number of American civilians who died worldwide in terrorist attacks last year: 8 — Minimum number who died after being struck by lightning: 29.

Indeed, the leading cause of deaths for Americans traveling abroad is not terrorism, or murder … or even crime of any type.

It’s car crashes.


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The U.S. Empire and ISIS: A Tale of Two Death Cults

Neo-Colonial Imperialism and gunboat diplomacy march on and war profits soar.

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“Obama is a flame-thrower, a fire-spitter, a pyromaniac on a mission to incinerate humanity’s capacity to resist – a vision shared by the jihadist death cults.”

By Glen Ford

obama-faschoFebruary 20, 2015 “ICH” – “BAR” – President Obama is a master of military supply and demand. His operatives and allies supply jihadists with enough weapons, financing and, in the case of Libya, a Euro-American air force, to plunge vast tracts of Africa and Asia into bloody chaos, thus creating a demand for intervention by the planet’s only “indispensable” nation: the United States. It’s a diabolical formula for fomenting hell on earth, driven by a simple logic: Since the U.S. is superior to the rest of the world ONLY in military terms, Washington finds its ultimate advantage in turning the whole world into a battlefield. U.S. imperialism in terminal decay sees no salvation except through global war.

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Evil Assad, Evil Gaddafi, Now Evil Putin: How the West Sells War (and Makes a Killing)

Don’t worry America, Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy are on the trail of terror, fear not , speak not, see not, hear not…..

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Distraction politics and the economic variables in Ukraine and the parallels with Syria, Libya and Iraq

By Ghada Chehade

February 21, 2015 “ICH” – “RI” –  As the conflict in Ukraine persists and as peace talks between Putin and western European leaders (Merkel and Hollande) continue, it is important to look at theeconomic actors/interests that benefit from conflict and regime change in the Ukraine and how this compares to situations like Syria, Libya and Iraq. There are under-reported angles and interests to these conflicts that we hear little about in western mainstream media and that many do not look for because they are too caught up in political or human dramas. For instance, mainstream media spend so much time demonizing a single enemy, be it Putin in the Ukraine situation, Assad in Syria, Gaddafi in Libya or Saddam Hussein in Iraq, etc., that they do not…

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You Have a Head of State Who Happens to be a Maniac – Norman Finkelstein on Israel

Bibi Netanyahu is a puppet of Casino King Sheldon Adelson, the world’s 10 th richest man with 38 billion in net worth. He fancies himself Godfather of Israel. He controls and promotes Israeli war crimes.

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Video – RT “Going Underground”

“We have a leader in Israel, who happens to be a maniac, going all around the world saying he represents all of world Jewry, so then are you going to fault people for taking him at his word?”

February 23, 2015

Norman Finkelstein, author of ‘Method and Madness – The hidden story of Israel’s assaults on Gaza’, talks to Going Underground host Afshin Rattansi about Israel’s assaults on the region. He thinks the Goldstone report was ‘devastating’ and concluded Israel was trying to punish and humiliate the civilian population of Gaza and was guilty of war crimes and crimes against humanity. After the report, Goldstone was denounced by many people, even being compared to Joseph Mengeles. He says that the Palestinians have tried non-violent protest before, in the first entifada, but Israel applied ‘pretty brutal repression’ and defeated it. Human Rights organisations estimated that between…

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Alan Greenspan Warns: There Will Be a “Significant Market Event… Something Big Is Going To Happen”

I hope he is wrong, but he’s probably right.

Satu Insan - Malaysia


Most of you know that I have been analyzing “how we got here” for over a decade and have discovered irrefutable evidence that Alan Greenspan was charged with destroying the unbacked fiat monetary system and taking down the banking cabal starting all the way back in the early 1960’s. Ultimately, it will lead us back to a true and honest Gold Standard. That is what the Road to Roota Theory is all about.

Greenspan IS Roota!

Those who have no idea what I’m talking about can either read my hundreds of articles I have written on the subject or just read this single testimony from the man himself… Bix Weir


GreenspanWith the Federal Reserve printing trillions upon trillions of dollars to keep the economic system afloat, many investors and financial pundits have surmised that the fundamental economic problems facing the United States…

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Is Scott Walker related to George Bush ? It’s The DUBBAYA.


Is Scott Walker related to George Bush?

Fritz Springmeier | Bloodlines of The IlluminatiTHE WALKER FAMILY:An elite family tied in with the Bush family. Tonight I received the following questions: “Hey Fritz, does the Walker family fit into the Illuminati at all? As in Scott Walker. Is he related to George H. Walker Bush through ancestry? Just wanted to get your opinion on Scott.”


The elite Walker & Bush families are intertwined, and this can be seen especially with their attendance at Yale, and their membership in the Order of Skull & Bones. At least ten important members of the presidential Bush family have gone to Yale. Likewise, if we count Davis R. Robinson who married Suzanne Walker, then at least ten of the important elite Walker family have gone to Yale University. 15 of the Walker family became members of the Order of Skull & Bones, at least 7 have been members of the CFR, & at least 3 mmbrs of the Cosmos Club. When George H.W. Bush was initiated into S&B, he was joined with classmate Samuel Sloane Walker, Jr. George H.W. Bush (King Geo. 1) nominated his cousin John M. Walker, Jr. to a Federal judgeship. But not all of the elite Walkers are necessarily of the same bloodline. Walker is a surname that comes from Scotland, England, the lowlands (Neth. & Belg.) & Germany. One of the prominent Walkers is Darren Walker, a black banker, who has been v.p. of the Rockefeller Foundation, pres. of the Ford Foundation, and an advisor for Rockefeller Philanthropy.


I have not done special genealogy research on the Walkers, which would be required to discover possible distant relationships between different lines. The first prominent Walker of the bloodline associated with the Bush family was David David (D.D.) Walker, who made a fortune during the Amer. Civil War. His son, known as Bert, was George Herbert Walker. I will call him Bert…and Bert was an exceptionally greedy unprincipled man, who scared his sons to death & was called by them a “tough bastard” as well as other names. He’d do anything for money. Bert as a banker foreshadowed the Bushes in the Silverado S&L scandal. Bert pillaged the Missouri Pacific Railroad causing an Enron type scandal which resulted in a congressional investigation. In the end, FDR had to reorganize the railroads and place them under the ICC. Prescott Bush married Bert’s daughter Dorothy, and they named their first son (our first Bush pres.) after Bert. Two Walkers were special assistants to the president: Ronald Hugh Walker and Jenonne R. Walker. I know of 5 Walkers who were bankers, incl. Charles Edward Walker, who was an advisor to the Fed. Reserve Bank of Phila. I only know of one Walker who was in military intelligence.


WALKERun copy

Like all his Fascist buddies and ruling class corporate criminals, Scott K. Walker-Bush has a passion for Fascist Fashion. See the season sneak peak of the Red, Right & White Wing Nut Party’s new STUN (G)UN  Look for 2016. (See TOTALLY UN-COOL) at Puppet Master’s Slave Market :

Besides being judges, ambassadors, & congressmen, a number of Walkers have been governors of GA, FL, IL, UT and WI. Scott is governor of Wisconsin, and was born to a preacher in Colorado Springs and a mother named Patricia Walker. Scott went from obscurity to political stardom overnight—which to me suggests connections, but I am lacking any connecting details between him & the branch that is close to the Bushes. In 2010, George Bush Jr., while ex-president, went to Beloit, WI & referred to Scott Walker as his “cousin” but what he meant by that is up for discussion. Scott is a Republican like the Walker-Bush families & has been a close friend of George W. Bush as well as one of his campaign helpers. Geo. Jr. has said lots of silly nonsense comments so who knows what the real blood connection is between the Scott & George. For sure they are close friends. (And by the way, Scott never went to Yale or Harvard.) While I can answer that some of the Walkers have been Illuminati, I am unable to answer if or how Scott K. Walker might be related to that branch. That could be an interesting genealogy project for someone.


Size matters don’t it ?

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Four Numbers to Make Us Fighting Mad. And One Way to Fight.

‘We all deserve to benefit from our nation’s steadily rising productivity.’ (File)

If revolution is to happen, we Americans must be made aware of the destructive failures of the free-market system, and we must be angry enough to act, and, most of all, we must agree on a single demand of the people with money and power who have perversely redistributed our national wealth. First some maddening facts:

1. For Every BILLION DOLLARS of New Stock Market Wealth, Most of Us Averaged ONE DOLLAR in Stock Gains 

In the six years since the recession the stock market has risen by $8 trillion, the great majority of it going to the richest 10%. In 2013 alone it rose by $5 trillion. On average, each of us in the bottom 90% earned a dollar every time…

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The Overgrown [in]Security State

Insane with power and wealth, the paranoid corporate personhood of the parasitic global ruling class have embraced a suicidal business plan that promises to kill of the host. Tyranny is pandemic and the cure is direct democracy.

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The Logic of the Imperial Security State

hitler obamaWhat to think of a policy that bombs countries and leaves them to their fate? Most observers of US foreign policy since 2001 regard this policy as a failure. They look upon the ruins of Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Somalia, Yemen, and see no victory parade, no reconstruction, no stable government, no democracy, and no human rights. These are observers whose mindset is stuck in models of the past. They may have in mind WW II, a declared war, battles, victory, negotiations, treaties, and reconstruction. Say, Europe and the Marshall Plan or Japan. They may be thinking of a world order ruled by international law, Geneva Conventions, the United Nations, and of America as safeguarding this order. Consequently the disorder that the United States is sowing across the planet makes no sense. The politicos on the Potomac must be crazy—is the…

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From The JFK Assassination to 9/11: Network TV and Government-Sanctioned Lies

Window dressing, designed to fool the people. Pretending that any major news media has a conscience concerning the truth, and that Brian was not simply following the scripted Military Intelligence Bureau’s orders.

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NBC suspended Brian Williams

Global Research, February 12, 2015


Williams reporting from Iraq with Tom Brokaw in 2003.

NBC suspended Brian Williams for six months on February 10. The fashionable anchor admitted to lying about being involved in a life-threatening combat situation while reporting in Iraq over a decade ago. Yet a survey of Williams’ career indicates that this isn’t the first time he’s been dishonest with the American people.

In one important instance while broadcasting from Dallas Texas on November 22, 2013, Williams began the NBC Nightly News by remarking,“We’re in Dealey Plaza just across from the sixth-floor window in the Texas School Book Depository building where three shots were fired fifty years ago today that changed the course of American history.”

The statement flies in the face of honest reportage by upholding the powerful myth devised by the Warren Commission that former US…

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